The Divine Negress

The Goddess Project is a large on-going work that encompasses various parts.  It encompass the Shrine of the Divine Negress Nr.1 as seen in this short video walk through at Dada Post Gallery in Berlin Germany. 
The video also includes the early Goddess Constellation studies with acrylic on Gold-papers

The Shrine of the Divine Negress Nr.1 was created in such a manner so that the main transparent sections could easily travel and fold like a map.  
The Dada Post Gallery space offered the possibility of hanging the panels on a custom stained "fachwerk" frame structure in parity with the former German fish-smoking factory.

It was bitterly cold at the time of the installation during one Berlin's coldest snow storms and i was often listening to Gregorian chanting in my studio. This meditative sound harkens back to my Roman-catholic childhood among nuns and monks both in Haiti and in the USAas well as my time spent as a enfant de choeur (altar boy).

Dada Post's other gallery space exhibited the work of African-american artist Paula Ross during the time frame of this installation. I was concerned about how intrusive chanting might be, though it fits perfectly with an aspect of my intent- in many of the rituals of voodoo's Loa (spirit gods) pantheon music plays a critical role.

hrine of the Divine Negress Nr.1