Studio-Work & The Genius Of R.Peck

It has been a rather busy several months already since January before and after the trip to Paris for the Black Portraiture(s) Conference. I was able to collect the works from the recent exhibition DRIFTING at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt here in Berlin organized by Visual arts director Valerie Smith and Magdalena Wiener. Most of February was filled with a perspective changing journey through various African countries (Ghana, Togo, Angola, Sao Tomé e Principé, Namibia and South Africa. Benin, Congo and Luanda and a second stop in Namibia were lost in the triage of time and safety) as guest of C.Thompson via the luxury cruises of Travel Dynamic International where she lectured. At the moment I am juggling a variety of projects that span from now through the end of 2014. I am looking forward to Valerie Cassell-Oliver's Radical Presence exhibit which displays the imaginary postcards from the Negerhosen2000 series entitled the Travel Albums will shift from the CAMH in Houston to The Studio Museum in HArlem and Grey Art Gallery iof NYU before finally ending up at the Walker Art Center. Here is an online review of particular interest. And I was delighted to see the Journal from Duke University publish an interpretive essay by J.Philogene on the nature of that project. And do please pre-order your issue of No.7 from ARC Magazines special feature this spring 2013 focused on my artistic practice via an extended illustrated interview. Find ARC Mag here at :

I have been developing some digital sketches and proposals for the re-installation of "The Goddess Constellation / Sky Above Port-au-prince Haiti 12 January 2010 21:53 UTC" in various spatial configurations such as in a ruin or an existing museum or a community space or a non art venue such as a castle or villa.

While in Africa i missed the opportunity to meet with the Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck whose work i have marveled at at been deeply touched for years. His new film on NGOs in Haiti was to be filmed at the Berlinale and a close friend Wieland had the intention to make the introduction of two committed creative workers who share this small nation as our HEIMAT. My father has studiously kept his eye on many things and was kind enough to share with me Monsieur Pecks important work entitled "L'Assistance Mortelle" (= Mortal Assistance/Lethal Help) currently on view through Arte online here in Europe.

As an aside there are various other online programs which have covered the topic- but with a distance that falls short of the true complexities Mr.Peck embraces successfully.

Can one man's unlikely tourism plan help turn around the country's economy?

Also a Frontline series. One done in 2010 below or this link: Aproximately 51minutes long


And a Frontline follow-up in 2011 here at this link: (embedding was not possible) 55minutes long

Here is an AUDIO report via the BBC entitled "The Truth About NGOs". You may listen to it here: And finally Al J who should know better than starting their first sentence "Haiti one of the most impovrished countries in the world..."