BIAC In The Media

A television interview with the director (directrice) of the BIAC Johanna AUGUIAC-CELENICE.

A very interesting interview by three journalists on the topic of the first edition of the Martinique Biennale Nov2013 to January 2004. The three journalist are rather headstrong and frank with regards to their interrogation and in particular with the finances of the Biennale. Johanna A.C. seems to successfully deal with it in forthright manner illuminating the spectators as regards to the circumstances and even the choice of the biennales time-frame relative to other artworld events on the international stage. She presents the 3 parts of the biennale and speaks at some point about my public-space contribution"Amour-Colere-Folie" (which in the stress of the moment she mistakenly renames Colere-Passion-Memoire (Anger-passion-memorie). She also says that it is a fortuitous overlap that the Césaire (Wilfredo) Lam Picasso exhibit will be happening at the fondation Clément and that these overlaps benefit the islands tourism and publicity- such as Arte who recently remained longer to expand their coverage upon discovering these event overlaps. She spoke about the strategies of choosing Holly Bynoe from St.Vincent who has been familiar as a caribbeanite herself with the art production from Martinique and as well as South-african born Tumelo Mosaka and his profound interest and work around artists from the Caribbean and its many diasporas.

An 18 minute audio REPORTAGE from RFI From their website HERE

Holly Bynoe the curator of the Martinique Pavillion is interviewed as well as Artists Carlos Estevez and Charles Campbell are interviewed. The reporter says astonishingly that it normally takes two years to put together a biennale and that this was put together in eight months. The reporter mentions KREYOL FACTORY as being the first large scale exhibit in "France" focusing on the art of the Caribbean and its diaspora. Conseil regional de la Martinique has sponsored this first edition and it begins to beg the question for the opportunity for a veritable Kunsthalle for Martinique