Creative Caribbean Community

One-on-one passport Consultations with the artist (foto: courtesy of KunsthalKAdE, Netherlands)

This page is a space-holder and is intended for POSTING "SELFIES" by holders of the "Creative Caribbean Community & Diaspora Passports.  
Please SEND YOUR CCC&D SELFIES with a short cover letter and subject line ccc&d selfie to: 
and they will be posted by the studio as part of the project.

The following are 3 past CCC&D Selfie examples:  
Sample CCC&D Selfie #1 and CCC&D Selfie #2 and CCC&D Selfie #3

Summer of 2012 at the Kunsthal KAdE Amersfort, the Netherlands who initiated and sponsored the art-action/Kunstaktion for the Who More Sci-Fi than Us exihibiton by curators Nancy Hoffman and chief curator Robbert Roos

Summer 2013 as an "art-multiple" in ARC Magazine issue No.7 initiated by artist/pub. Holly Bynoe. Order online at

Summer 2014 as part of "Fortschritt Karibik" by collaborative directors Christoph M. Gosepath & Dirk Cieslak at Vierte Welt, Berlin Germany. Dates: 18-19-20 September (8PM), 23-24-25 October (8PM) See: MAP