Creative Caribbean Diaspora Passport

One component of my artistic contributions for the "Who More Sci-Fi Than Us" exhibition initiated by Nancy Hoffman as guest curator for the Kunsthal KadE was a simple take away: 
A "Passport", an invitation to join a geographically borderless and expanding CARIBBEAN CREATIVE COMMUNITY AND DIASPORA such as myself and all the other artist participants for the exhibition.  
Our passports that mark our geographical identities represent an aspect of our invisibility as well as our liberty.

The following splendid MAP gif.Animation LINK reflects a complex history that is very difficult to convey.

Some of the Photos posted on this Diary/Blog are from the two Passport actions where the artist officiated and authorized these documents with his stamps and signatures. The other photos are the new holders. some are on site whilst others were posted on social networking websites such as FB. 
The photos from this posting include Caribbean Creative Community and Diaspora passport holders in:  
New York City (Shawn R.),  
Amsterdam (SashaD.),  
The Dominican Republic (SaraH),  
Trinidad (Chris C.),  
Saint Vincent (HollyB.).

I will of course add a Photo of anyone who takes a self picture with them "holding" their CCC&D Passport