Heimat Haiti Forward & Beyond

It's late October and I am scrambling on the final stretches of the new works to be presented at the Grand Palais in November 2014. Haïti. Deux siècles de création artistique ( HAITI Two Centuries of Artistic Creation 1828-2014) Opening 18 November 2014 until 15 February 2015 . Here is a LeNouvelliste article recently sent to me from Mr.Désert Sr.

I have just completed 6 nights of a Kunstaktion (art-action) in Berlin-Kreuzberg at Vierte Welt and alternative theater space in a program entitled "Fortschritt Karibik" where there was an evening which included a watching of Raoul Peck's film "Assistance Mortelle" regarding the NGO invasion of Haiti.   
Images from the Art-Action may be seen at www.ctp-berlin.com/de/ctp-3.3.1-kunst-create-carribean-community-and-diaspora

For a long while now I have wanted to make a post regarding Haiti and "Nostalgia"-   
But this will emerge in drips and drabs because the "moment NOW" is so much more rich and full of potential for the future. Though i have had nothing to do with their work, their smarts, their hard-work, I am none the less moved that we share dna and try as we do in our own individual ways to be an inspiration and leave a small legacy of affirmative and provocative "actions" within the Haitian community(ies), its diaspora and beyond.

Splendid work by Haitians such as Emeline Désert (see below) Brief Interview of Emeline Désert http://youtu.be/sD6dgWtx0hg

And inspirational monologues to all Haitians from Carolyn Désert (see below) New Miss Haiti 2014 Carolyn Desert http://youtu.be/SZmxQPHO924

Here are Miss Haiti contestants from 1960

And I still love the fact that Alex Désert (see below) is such a sweetheart with Kids

But Alex is still the mad hipster (see below) with a velvet voice in Pop culture in HEPCAT and now The Lions Sweet Soul Music

A contemporary of Jean-Jean Désert FRANCOIS BENOIT (see below) has impressed me tremendously with his hydroponic farm http://youtu.be/6can_oFUZzs

I had missed the opportunity to meet the filmmaker RAOUL PECK (see 20min interview below) when he came through Berlinfor the premiere of his film Assistance Mortelle during the Berlinale2013 http://youtu.be/T4Yj2pxdqtY