Le Video Docu Paris Recap

Today I received an eMail from Nana with a link to the January Paris conference that can be watched by those of us in Germany (Though i suspect the "robots" will find something to forbid us yet again). 
I just watched it and it made me oddly nostalgic for this very recent special event directed by Deb Willis of New York University. It's primarily in FRANÇAIS so it will perhaps put you on your toes if this language is not part of your every day- as it also no longer is for me (to my chagrin).

The video documentary is 51minutes long and is a very well organized video documentary production. It was delightfully amusing to hear myself being translated (at around the 33min mark) and alarming to hear and see the real me (although it was a pleasure to express myself in my french/kreyol). Enjoy.

I had already mentioned this conference in an earlier post HERE with some additional links and programming information.

UPDATE: August 2013
Also found is a review/article entitled "The Great Gathering in Paris And the Ghosts of International Conferences Past" from IRAAA+ (The International Review of African American Art Plus). Click HERE for the link.

Also found some elegant portraits of a small number of participants on photographer Terrence Jennings' website HERE.