Love Anger Madness Part 1

A new work entitled "AMOUR COLERE FOLIE a temporary monument to resistance" – will soon be created with the assistance of artist Hervé Beuze and local artstudents in Martinique for the BIAC. This will be the first time that an art Bienale will be staged on the island and it will present artworks that in some way are inspired by the renowned poet of resistance Aimé Césaire on the centennial of his birth.

The title of the work is taken from Haitian author Marie Chauvet's trilogy Amour colere folie and represents a work of art considered dangerous that she must enter into exile in New York (like my own family) and whose voice is silenced for decades until this work of literature is published clandestinely against the wishes of her widower and family who feared retribution from the content embedded in her work. This act and statement of resistance has inspired me to amplify the collective acts of resistance.

Find more on Marie Chauvet on Dr.Thomas Spear's Ile–en–ile

For the past 6months or so I have been working diligently with some of the organizers for the first Bienale in Martinique that will preview later this month November 2013. Upon much reflection i settled on proposing a public art-work to be installed on a square of Fort de France. The proposed work will be created using various forms of barricading used for crowd and vehicular control. They will be layered concentrically on the square and relatively unremarkable since the elements will all be recognizable.

It will be difficult to find some local solutions for the elements i envision- but i will rely much on my local helpers. Here is a sampling of some of the QR code links the installation can offer a viewer immediately as they navigate around the temporary monument to resistance sculpture: