Amour Colere Folie (Love Anger Madness), BIAC Martinique foto:HBueze
Amour Colere Folie (Love Anger Madness), QR"flash"code concept sketch
Amour Colere Folie (Love Anger Madness), BIAC Martinique foto:HBueze
Amour Colere Folie (Love Anger Madness), BIAC Martinique foto:HBueze
Amour Colere Folie (Love Anger Madness), Digital Development Study
Amour Colere Folie
Amour Colere Folie (Love Anger Madness), BIAC Martinique foto:HBueze
Amour Colere Folie (Love Anger Madness), Digital Development Study
Phrygian Cap (central element) with Red/Black/Green cockade(cocarde)

Amour Colère Folie

(Love Anger Madness )- A Temporary Monument to Resistance

"Amour Colère Folie (Love Anger Madness)- A Temporary Monument to Resistance"  is a site specific commissioned Public-Art sculpture installation at Place de L'Abbé Grégoire (aka Terres Sainville) for the first edition of the Martinique Biennale of Contemporary Art BIAC in the Fall/Winter of 2013-14 in Fort-de-France Martinique, French West-Indies. 
9 meter diameter x 5 meters height, Steel barricades, painted wood Anti-tank barriers, graphic placards, enameled corrugated metal

"Amour colère folie - a temporary monument to resistance" is inspired by the poet of resistance Aime Césaire in the centenary of his birth.   This public work utilizes a diverse selection of barricades used to control public space today.  Concentrically placed around the square and utilizing all recognizable elements in its details from everyday life by the average public spectator. The installation notably functions on a variety of spheres such as a work of visual poetry including placards of notable figures and the ubiquitous phrygian-cap of liberty as well as a structural support for the array of "flash-codes"(QR codes graphics) linked to the collective voices situated on the internet and engaged in articulating historical or current acts of resistance inspired by the Cesaire's exemplary efforts.

The title of the artwork is taken from the literary trilogy by the Haitian author Marie Chauvet whose provocative work of literature sent her into exile in New York until her death. Her work was  later clandestinely published in 2002 reestablishing her once censored voice against the wishes of her family who continued to fear the reprisals from her work- this act of resistance against silence and censorship has inspired this project.

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  5. Aimé Césaire, (Poet/author, politician) local placard #1
    Frantz Fanon, (psychologist, author, activist) local placard #2
    Christiane Taubira, (Author, former minister of justice)local placard #3
    Audrey Pulvar, (journalist and media pundit) local placard #4
  6. BIAC Press iamges


WORKS 1997–2023

Jean-Ulrick Désert is the inaugural recipient of Wi Di Mimba Wi :: The AKB & SAVVY Contemporary Commission Prize. 

Silence Will Not Protect You

Originally commissioned for Volume IV of Unfinished Histories at the Klosterruine in Berlin–Mitte, curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung. The initial floor installation consisted of 33 fine grain concrete birds laid to rest upon concrete/beton blocks...

Neque mittatis margaritas vestras ante porcos

do not cast pearls before swine

In this work, Désert teases the above mentioned excerpt from Matthew 7:6 and renders it in the form of festoons draped across the room. The texts, exhibited in Kreyol, Papiamento, Spanish, Sranan Tongo, and Patois, sit underneath balloons which characterise the pearls we are warned of wasting on undeserving recipients.

Terra Nova Afrikæ 新非洲

Commissioned for the exhibition THE INCANTATION OF THE DISQUIETING MUSE by Savvy Contemporary (Berlin)...

Tante Cilet

How Nannite became Aunt Cilet (2015)

The shared phenomena of archiving and recycling photographic memories through family albums remains a critical point of cohesion for the Haitian diaspora...

ABC's of my Private Life

L’ABCdaire de ma vie privée

In four pages, Jean-Ulrick Désert revisits the four places that shaped his personal experience: Port-au-Prince, Brooklyn, Paris, and Berlin...

Belgian Soliloquy

Belgian Soliloquy was developed for the Special Art-Project space PLATFORM 102 In Brussels (Belgium)...


The Goddess Temple

An imaginary "ruin" of Josephine Baker's unconstructed Parisian villa of 1928 (by Adolf Loos)...


(I am very much in love w/u)

The Latin term Secretum is used to express the idea of a contained or jarred secret...



BlackOut was first created and installed for 3 days in a public square (Richard-Platz, Berlin-Neukölln) in the summer of 2012.

Sky Above Port-au-Prince

Haiti 12 January 2010 21:53 UTC

This artwork reflects the view of the sky above Haiti during the officially recorded time of the 2010 Earthquake.


The Goddess Constellations

 A 3-dimensional map of the sky above Paris (48°51N2°21E) marking the hour (5AM) of Josephine Baker's *death on the 12th of April 1975..

Shrine of The Divine Negress No.1

The Goddess Project

Désert’s take on the image of the Black Madonna and the Divine Feminine is expressed with a motif of Josephine Baker...

White Lessons

a series of different art-projects on the theme of Whiteness as a lecture presented at Making Mirrors Conference at the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst...

Good Morning Prussia

Good Morning Prussia (Guten Morgen Preussen) is a series of handmade cyanotype photographs. It is the story of a “little Nubian boy”, August Sabac el Cher, who was given as a "gift" to a German noble due to his musical talents. 

Divine Negress Butterfly Fans

The Goddess Project

1000 hand-fans distributed to the public with the quotation: "A butterfly flapping its wings...can generate a violent storm"-Kofi Annan...


Paint-by-number Trophies (2009) 

The statement 'you can be whoever you want to be...Prime-Minister/President, Secretary General, even an Artist'
- often goes unexamined...

Voices from the Heart

Urban Grafitti is carefully documented and transcribed onto Gingerbread-cookies...


Works on paper (mixed media and collage) created for the exhibition entitled Demokratie und Gewalt...

The Travel Albums


A diary of imaginary postcards with incidental notes recounting the project's journeys and strolls in texts and images collected from the public...

The Passion

The artist focuses on football (soccer) fan-culture eccentricities, typified by extravagant fanaticism and the hooligan subculture..

Postcards From My Loves

NH2K / Billboards

Illuminated billboards digitally printed on textile...

Codex Testimoniorum Amoris

The Book of the Witnesses of Love

-or- The Collected Accounts of the Emptoris Depicting their Experiences with the Scortæ de Genus Masculus of Landeshaupstadt München including Many Depictions of the Latter Compiled & Annotated for the Moral Education of the Good

Toiles de Jouy

All projects of the Haitian-American artist Jean-Ulrick Désert tackle the visualization of abstract ideas, such as the complex relations between private and political space...

The Science of Beauty

The works of The Science of Beauty consists of a series of newly imagined school-charts using transgendered and intersexed bodies from the beauty of nature.

Métamorphoses Sublimes

A video(loop) projection presented in Istanbul (Turkey) of a Belgian woman demonstrating How to construct and wear a modesty Muslim-veil fashionable among the Turkish minority in Germany. 

Jn.Ulrick Désert

Jn.Ulrick Désert

Désert's first German solo-retrospective exhibition entitled and simply abbreviated as Jn.Ulrick Désert presented at the Wolfsburg Castle (Schloßwolfsburg)) by Kunstverein-wolfsburg

Die Hosen 'runter lassen

The Haitian-American artist creatively reacts to Robert Mappelthorpes seminal and highly controversial black & white photograph Man in a Polyester Suit...

Suicidal Meditations

Photo and video-based project..

The Burqa Project

On The Borders Of My Dreams I Encountered My Double's Ghost

Four flags from four leading industrial nations, The United States of America, The United Kingdom/Great Britain, France, Germany, are used as the basis for replicating the Afghanistan hijab known as The Burqa...


Surrender comprises of two artworks, originally available as low edition multiples, La Main (The Hand) and Le Chapelet (The Rosary) ...


The artist in German Lederhosen constructed of leather resembling caucasian skin and blond hair, was initially deployed as an art-action in multiple European cities...



A beer coaster created to be distributed and used in public and private venues...

The Hip Decadence of Reductive Glamour

The artist, wearing a light tone foundation make-up as a Caucasian hipster, takes a series of self-portraits using a public photo-booth at the Paris Opera House Metro.

Tea Celine

Thé Céline

Glazed Porcelain with blue over-glazed texts (Louis-Ferdinand Céline citations in consultation with French literature scholar Prof.Thomas C. Spear, CUNY)